With our freshly-crafted international cuisine, Maillon Café aims at bringing the world to you in a plate. A treat to all your senses, every bite here takes you on a tour to explore the tastiest of all spots around the globe right from the comfy couch you are sinking in!

Enjoy your experience...
Maillon Café is the place to relax, enjoy a shisha, and have an amazing meal at a very competitive price.

Friends, companions, and colleagues alike will flock to meet at the most luxurious place in town.

With an exceptional arguile, comfortable seating, and serene ambiance, Maillon Café aims to please all palates; all the while keeping up with its sister locale, Le Maillon, Maillon The Club, Gada by Maillon and Cinco Lounge, in quality and elegance.

With its elegant and modern architecture, Maillon Café offers a truly pleasing environment and international cuisine refined according to the highest standards in quality.

Maillon Café invites all to enjoy a quick lunch, business meeting, or a nice cup of coffee, whatever your fancy may be.

Come and experience Maillon Café and enjoy all that it has to offer.